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We post videos about precious metals, gems and gemstones, jewelry and other collectibles on the HistoricMetals YouTube channel.

We are also very excited to announce our weekly real-time, live-streaming auctions via YouTube Live every Sunday from 5PM CST/CDT until 8PM CST/CDT

What’s the HistoricMetals YouTube channel about?

On this channel, we discuss the fascinating and exciting history and future of precious metals, gemstones and jewelry, pocket watches and other vintage timepieces, antiques, and collectibles.

We regularly host live streaming auctions, giveaways and games for all kinds of items including silver, gold, and platinum bullion and coins, as well as other types of vintage or antique collectible treasures that might be of interest to the stackers and collectors in our online community.

You’ll be able to bid against other stackers and collectors in the community, as well as having a great time in our chat rooms, and participating in our live giveaways!

Our host, Corky K, also participates in the YouTube silver and gold stacking community by joining live stream chatrooms, going live on panels with other streamers in the community, doing sales, auctions, games, giveaways and more. 

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We are not financial advisors, and nothing in our videos is intended to be used as financial advice.

We make these videos and articles for entertainment purposes only, and to be honest, if we were smart enough to tell people what to do with their money, we’d already be super rich ourselves and wouldn’t be here right now working for a living, instead we’d be on a yacht somewhere, sipping historic whiskey, smoking fine cigars, and counting our Historic Metals!

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