Historic Metals Live Streaming Auction Info

Here’s what a recent Historic Metals live auction looks like:

Win Some Historic Metals & Timeless Treasures!

We hold frequent live streaming collectibles auctions and fun little giveaways on our Historic Metals YouTube live streams and you’ll need to be there to get your chances to win!

We air weekly live, real-time online auctions on our Historic Metals YouTube channel where you’ll be able to bid against other stackers and collectors in the community, as well as having a great time in our community chat room during the auction, and participating in our frequent live giveaways!

Be sure to subscribe to the HistoricMetals YouTube channel and join us on our journey into the history and future of precious metals, gems, jewelry and antiques and collectibles. We will be making all kinds of video content on the channel, all about all the shiny, historic things we love to collect and talk about.

Historic Metals Auction Rules & Details:

This informational video, provided for those who prefer to listen to our rules, rather than read them, is indeed a bit “dry” in the delivery, but it’s a summary of our channel live auctions and the rules and payment information for all our live streaming games, giveaways and auction events.

The full list of rules covered in this video are posted below the video on this page. This same information is also always posted in the video description you will find below our videos on YouTube.com as well.


1. All auction bidders must first register prior to any bidding by sending us an email the first time you participate in one of our live stream events. This email must be sent from the same email which your payment will be sent from for any won lots, purchased buy-it-now items or game entries. This prevents trolls and shill bidders.

2. All winners must be present in the stream chat to win. This applies for all auctions, games and giveaways. We will wait a few minutes for your response in chat, but if you do not appear immediately upon winning, we will either select a new winner or move on and disqualify that sale or prize or maybe try to contact you, if you are a known regular, at our sole discretion.

3. All payments due for any transaction are due before the stream ends and a final accounting will be held with participants before the end of the stream. Any item unclaimed or unpaid by the end of the stream is forfeit. Please settle your tab at the end of the night, before you leave.

4. Use Friends & Family! All payments must be sent via Friends & Family mode on PayPal, or sent via Venmo or Cash App. If you send on paypal and do not use Friends & Family , we will return your payment and require you to resend it via the Friends & Family payments mode.

5. Shipments will always be $5.00 flat rate via USPS to any United States domestic address. Please add $5 to your item total when making payment. Sorry, foreign friends, but due to current global issues, we do not ship overseas or outside of U.S. borders at all. Items will ship within two postal business days after the event. Tracking numbers are provided via email.

6. Do NOT put any information or comments into the paypal payment comments box.

7. Once you have sent payment, send an email to [email protected], listing what you purchased or won, and include your shipping address. If your PayPal is on the same email, perfect. If not, we may not be able to match your item with your payment so please include all necessary information to connect your YouTube name, payment account and recipient info.


These payment methods will work for either donations and/or any auction/purchase payments.

PayPal: [email protected]
Venmo: @historic metals
Cash App: $historic metals

You can send any amount for donations or payments due via any of those apps.
We are grateful for your support!

These auction and stream event instructions and our contact and payment information are always provided in the video description for all our posted videos. You can always find them there during and after our live streaming events for your reference.

Until the next stream…

In the meantime and in-between time till we post our next video and auction event schedule, head on over and subscribe to our YouTube channel now, so you’ll be first to know anything we post over there, just as soon as we post it!